Baxter State Park, Maine, USA - Benjamin Wilkins
Mt. Katadhin

Mt. Katadhin

On a trip to New Brunswick in 2018, I took some time to stop for a quick 2 day camping trip in Baxter State Park in Maine, USA.

Baxter State Park is a 200,000+ acre park that was created from donations, in trust, from the 53rd State governor of Maine between 1931 and 1962.

Mt. Katadhin is located in the centre of the park and is the highest peak in Maine reaching 5,267 feet. I wasn't prepared to hike to the top of Mt. Katadhin by myself but as I wondered around in the park looking for waterfalls and looking for images from the park I did start a journey toward the top.

I never made it to the summit of Mt. Katadhin because of rain, but I did enjoy exploring the area waterfalls and a view from part way up. What an extraordinary place and I am looking forward to a return visit with the sole purpose of reaching the summit. The following images are from that trip.

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